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Produce sales is not just what we do; it’s part of our history.

Before we started this business in 1989, our family worked in the produce industry in Southern California for decades alongside our fathers, uncles, and mentors (who became family to us).  It’s with them that we learned this industry from the ground up, and it’s those learning lessons that we impart on future generations that have joined the business.

As each new family member joins the Veg-Fresh Farms team, we have them learn about every facet of the business by starting to work in the warehouse, then gradually moving them up into other roles as they demonstrate expertise. This work ethic is the foundation for our company’s growth and a vital component of our core values.

Working together as a family means one person is not more important than the other — to us, the most important thing is to focus on working together to provide our customers with excellent service and product. We are always thankful when this effort is recognized; we have been honored with Supplier of the Year awards as well as a Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award for top Family Business in the Inland Empire.

As our business continues to grow and evolve, our family remains intricately involved in every detail of the day-to- day operations. We truly love this business and what we get to do together and for our customers, each and every day.

a compelling desire to be the best

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our family is still actively involved in the day to day details of ensuring your success - we love what we do.

the family behind the business
Creating a healthier world for generations to come

As a family-owned and operated business, Veg-Fresh Farms’ mission is to provide the freshest, healthiest, best-tasting produce to our customers. We have built our reputation on commitment to the highest standards in food safety and sustainability, while focusing on our customer’s interests and providing innovative solutions to expand their business.

our core values
our core values
family is of fundamental importance
embrace risk – find the opportunity in chaos
collaborate – leverage our experience and insight
commitment – reinforce our customers decision to work with us
compete passionately – compelling desire to be the best
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Meet Our Sales Team
Adam Cancellieri - Veg-Fresh Farms
Adam Cancellieri
Veg-Fresh Farms Sales Team
Amber Ruiz
Barry - Veg-Fresh Farms
Barry Parisotto
Chris Jacoby - Veg-Fresh Farms
Chris Jacoby
Clay Widder - Veg-Fresh Farms
Clay Widder
Veg-Fresh Farms
Daisy Palma
Veg-Fresh Farms
Dan Floyd
Dan Kerrigan - Veg-Fresh Farms
Dan Kerrigan
Dino Cancellieri - Veg-Fresh Farms
Dino Cancellieri, Jr.
Dino Cancellieri, Veg-Fresh Farms
Dino Cancellieri, Sr.
Veg-Fresh Farms
Esther Hernandez
Veg-Fresh Farms
Gavin Steed
Geoff - Veg-Fresh Farms
Geoff Bell
Veg-Fresh Farms Sales Team
Gina Lozano
Veg-Fresh Farms
Isabel Salcido
Jessica Garcia - Veg-Fresh Farms
Jessica Garcia
Joe M - Veg-Fresh Farms
Joe Marchese
Joey - Veg-Fresh Farms
Joey Sakata
Veg-Fresh Farms Team
Justin Whitcomb
Kate Reeb
Veg-Fresh Farms
Kellie Weaver
Larry - Veg-Fresh Farms
Larry Olivarez
Maria - Veg-Fresh Farms
Maria Perez
Veg-Fresh Farms Sales Team
Mario Yubeta
Mark Widder - Veg-Fresh Farms
Mark Widder
Veg-Fresh Farms
Megan Saenz
Monica - Veg-Fresh Farms
Monica Medrano
Veg-Fresh Farms Sales Team
Norwin Wong
Randy Cancellieri - Veg-Fresh Farms
Randy Cancellieri
Ray - Veg-Fresh Farms
Ray Iwamoto
Sandy Garcia - Veg-Fresh Farms
Sandy Garcia
Veg-Fresh Farms
Stephanie Salas
Steve Circle - Veg-Fresh Farms
Steve Circle
Terri Ascencio
Veg-Fresh Farms
Valerie Vargas