Veg-Fresh Farms Debuts New Website, Celebrates Anniversary

CORONA, CA They say that you are finding yourself in your 20s, while the 30s are when you really feel comfortable in your own skin. Maybe that’s why Veg-Fresh Farms is kicking of its 30th birthday celebrations with a modern, revamped website.

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Veg-Fresh Farms Rolls Out Complete Line of Organic Snacking Tomatoes and New Packaging

CORONA, CA The Organic Produce Summit is on the horizon, and if Veg-Fresh is not yet on your itinerary of stops it certainly should be. With an expanded portfolio of offerings and milestone to celebrate, Veg-Fresh is certainly sharing the love with buy-side partners.

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All in the Family for Veg-Fresh Farms

Dino Cancellieri Sr., one of the founding partners of Corona, CA-based Veg-Fresh Farms, first started in the produce industry in the ’70s, working for his father’s wholesale produce company, Potato Sales, on the LA Terminal Market. Mark Widder, Cancellieri’s cousin, began working in the produce industry as a teenager alongside his cousin and the rest of the family. He spent his first 10 years learning the business as a salesman at The Potato Sales Company.

In 1989, the two cousins opened Veg-Fresh Farms, a tomato and onion repacking and distribution business with 30 employees. Over the next 30 years…

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Veg-Fresh Farms to Launch New Organic Line

A new organic line from Veg-Fresh Farms, with products distinguished by resealable packaging, will be debuting at retail in December. Products in the line are mini sweet peppers (12 ounces), mini potatoes (22 ounces), grape tomatoes (16 ounces) and Brussels sprouts (16 ounces).

Veg-Fresh designed the packaging with visibility in mind, so consumers can inspect the vegetables before they buy, and the packaging is resealable. The items are also stackable.

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Despite price, organics continue to grow in popularity

MONTEREY, Calif. (KABC) – In the years to come, organic food will likely take up even more space at your local supermarket. “A lot of things in the past that didn’t work conventionally are working organically,” said Chad Miller of Sprouts.  “Getting into the chards, kale, the beet categories — they were flat to negative for years conventionally and now with organics we are seeing tremendous success,” said Miller.

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Veg-Fresh Ups Game on Organic Front

From its beginning in 1989, Corona, CA, based Veg-Fresh Farms has had a committed organic component to its business, but the sector of the business expanded tremendously four years ago and exponentially the past two years.

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Veg-Fresh Farms’ Carrie Robertson Talks Innovative New Handy Candy Packaging

CORONA, CA More and more companies are looking to gain a competitive edge by offering cleverly-packaged and branded produce, and Veg-Fresh Farms is no exception. With its new Handy Candy Blueberries, though, the company is taking the value-added category to new heights—with a unique, eye-catching, and convenient proprietary resealable package.

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