Food Safety

With today’s ever evolving practices to maintain the highest standards of food safety, Veg-Fresh Farm‘s Quality Assurance & Food Safety Team comes with the highest credentials, and continues to train and educate our associates on the latest developments and best practices in Food Safety. Each year we have over 10 Food Safety Audits, from both our customer’s internal auditing teams and our external third party auditors, and we consistently score in the highest percentiles.

priority number one

Training, continuing education, and staying on top of the latest scientific research is what drives our commitment to our Food Safety Program

inside our food safety program

Our Team was trained and certified by Ceres Certificates, International (CCI) under the direction of CCI President Dr. Karl Kolb. Our team members are certified in:

HACCP Certification for Plan Development, Implementation Basic HACCP Principles, and Integrated Preventive Maintenance Program

Veg-Fresh Farms Certificates

GFSI Certified Global Food Safety Initiative NSF certifying body

Primus GFS 2.1 certification

USDA Tomato Matrix

Cold Storage Facility Certification NSF

SQF Certified Practitioner CM#14513

QAI Quality Assurance International, National Organic Certification for Organic Handler (Distributor)

In addition to the continuing education of our Food Safety Team, Veg-Fresh Farms made a serious commitment to the integrity of our fresh produce in the event of a major catastrophic event. In July of 2015 a generator was installed on the premises that will provide electricity to the entire facility within 30 seconds of an electrical shut down. This added investment ensures the integrity of our cold chain and prevents any losses or shrink, or deterioration of fresh produce. We are prepared for the unpredictable and have safeguards in place for continuity in our operations.


Veg-Fresh Farms employs 62 AiroCide Photo-Catalytic Reaction Chambers

NASA created the technology for the AiroCide units and used it on the Space Station to eliminate ethylene gas. Airocide’s fan draws in airborne organic pathogens like allergy triggers, mold spores, and bacteria and disperses them across a densely packed matrix of hollow glass tubes. As they contact this catalytic surface they are broken down at a molecular level. The process, known as oxidation, is safe, highly effective and produces no ozone or other harmful byproducts. Veg-Fresh Farms will continue to educate and train our associates to the highest level of Food Safety Standards each and every day.